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Who are we at A Door to Hope?


Our vision within A Door to Hope is to be the living love of Jesus in our own lives as well as within Haiti. We yearn to be the Gospel by sharing truth, building relationships and being the hands that assist in providing love, sustainability and hope to broken communities domestically and internationally.


We desire to accomplish, through our work, the outcome of sustainability and partnership. In partnering with communities and churches in Haiti, we have provided resources as a means of survival but work to empower the local people to grow and sustain their communities. We desire, three years after the earthquake, to transform our efforts in Haiti from relief mode to long-term, sustainable programs that include relational discipleship, improved/ advanced homebuilding, agricultural programs, possibly trade instruction and continued orphanage partnerships.

As we begin our work in the United States, we hope to create nationwide community working together to implement a vision and hope within the local community. This may be done by implementing feeding programs, trade instruction, community gardens, discipleship programs… etc. We yearn to create relational based work to provide for sustainability with the U.S as well as Haiti.

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