Guess What?! We've Moved... You Should Come Visit!

2017 Brings BIG things at A Door to Hope. We begin a journey where we are truly embracing trust, we are leaning not on our own understanding, and we are fighting for confidence knowing that this work is in the hands of the Maker. Over a decade of time has passed since this ministry stepped foot in the country of Haiti. The work has been changing and evolving into what we believe is the Lord's perfect story. We have been presented with opportunities to love, to share truth and to serve relentlessly in several communities and the time spent there has been so beautiful. The Lord is writing a page in this story that we have been dreaming about for quite some time. He is putting color on pages that is bringing dimensions that are unexplainable.

For the first time in Haiti we have a HOME... it's not a home that was built with our own hands, or by anyone that we hired, but a home that we get the opportunity to borrow,  to lend a door of HOPE to a community. This community lives perfectly perched on top of a mountain overlooking the sea. It's a community that is surrounded by hills of history and paved with dirt matted by calloused feet. It's a community that is serenaded by the distant cadence of voodoo drums in the night. It's a community that feeds their neighbors and pours their coffee. It's a community filled with faces of wisdom and laughter of youth. It's a community that birthed a pastor that has a huge heart for people and for his God. It's a community that is seeking restoration. It's a community that is yearning for an opportunity. It's a community that believes that, "life is better in the mountains". It's a community that we can't wait to do life with... it's a community called, Cap Rouge.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us in ministry. Please pray with us along the way. Stay tuned for new ways you can get involved in this new partnership!