A Simple Way to Fundraise

Build a house in Haiti from within your own community (no travel necessary)! The Block of Hope project is based on an advocate selling "blocks" (LEGO brick) to raise money to build a home in Haiti. Each block will cost $10, and an advocate will sell 600 blocks to complete the house fundraising.

You can set up a table with the resources found below and we will supply the base, the blocks, and the tin roof, and various other goodies. You, then, have free reign to decorate your "house" to your liking. We chose to place a mini rocking chair on the front porch.

Join us by signing up below, and set up your first table in your local youth room, church events, art exhibits, farmer's market, etc. 600 of your friends/family buying a Block of Hope helps you complete your LEGO house, and also (more importantly), places a family into a home in Haiti.

JOIN US in the journey - one block at a time!

What We Supply

  • 600 LEGO blocks
  • 1 LEGO base
  • 1 "sheet of tin roof"
  • 2 posters
  • LEGO necklace
  • Stickers (for donors)
  • One-sheet flyers
  • TBOH manual