148 million children in the developing world are orphans, meaning they have lost one or both parents....490,000 call Haiti home.  One in five children will be born with special needs.  One in seven children in Haiti dies before their 5th birthday - mostly of preventable diseases.*

During 2011, in partnership with various orphanages in Haiti, BGM - a door to hope brought approximately 27,000 lbs worth of medical supplies, clothes, food, hygiene items and school supplies to provide for the physical needs of these orphans.  Team members also nurtured and cared for children by time spent playing, changing diapers, rocking, swimming, singing and other "family" activities.  In 2012, it is our hope that a door to hope will have the capability to continue partnering with various orphanages throughout Haiti to provide for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

*info from www.helpinghaitisorphans.org and www.danitaschildren.org