At a door to hope, we take our financial accountability and stewardship very seriously. We recognize that financial and physical resources given to us have the ability to make a specific and significant impact in the lives of those we serve here in the U.S. and in Haiti. As such, we carefully evaluate our projects and trips to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively to gain the most impact and for their intended purposes. In keeping in step with our mission and purpose, a door to hope will utilize 15% of all donations received to administer our programs, projects and mission trips. We will re-evaluate on a yearly basis to adjust the percentage amount based on actual operating expenses from the previous fiscal year.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact our office. As do other well-established and respected organizations that operate on a percentage-based giving plan, we believe this will allow us to function more effectively in our ministry to reach the world and use our resources for their intended purpose. Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in the work being done in and through a door to hope!