If you are a Church Group or group of ten or more:

Please contact our office via email at or by phone at 615-331-4600 prior to registering for your group.  Do not register all team members under one profile.  

If you are an Individual signing up for a trip:

Please do not sign up anyone else under your profile.  If you are traveling with a friend, they must register separately from you.

If you are a Family or a Mom or Dad traveling with a Dependent Child:

One parent may register for themselves and then register the rest of the family under that one profile by using the "ADD A PERSON" feature.  

If you have any questions, please contact our office at or by calling the office at 615-331-4600.

Trip Information

By joining a A Door to Hope on a week-long journey to the Dominican Republic or Haiti, you will be immersed into a Haitian community where you will build homes, participate in community outreach, and maintain schools and churches as well as various other projects. You will change the lives of the Haitian people and, perhaps, yourself in the process.

Deposit/Trip Balance Payments

If you need to cancel your trip/group or reduce the number of your team members; you MUST contact the A Door to Hope office.

All deposits are ALWAYS nonrefundable and nontransferable   and final balances are nonrefundable and nontransferable 30 days or less prior to the trip.

This means that once you’ve paid your $175 deposit and you then decide not to go, it will not be refunded. It also means that if you pay your deposit for one trip, but then decide to transfer to a different trip date; your deposit will not be transferred to the new trip date.

Once you have paid your full trip fee, all EXCEPT the $175 deposit is refundable or transferable up UNTIL 30 days prior to your original trip date. After that time, no money will be refunded or transferred to another trip.



How to Apply for a Trip

Signing up is easy when you follow these steps:

  1. Connect with the ADTH office to confirm availability for the date you have selected: 615.331.4600
  2. Call Janell at Safe Harbors  at 1.800.344.5656 EXT. 6123 Available 8am-5pm EST to check on airfare prices as flight costs may affect your ability to travel with us
  3. Complete the application process for a trip date
  4. After completing the application process and paying your deposit, please call Janell at Safe Harbors to arrange your flight: 1.800.344.5656 EXT. 6123 Available 8am-5pm EST
  5. Pay your final Balance of $600 (plus Pure Charity Fee) thirty days prior to departure
  6. Download and print TEAM HANDBOOK
  7. Read Team Handbook to better understand our trip process and to prepare for your trip!


The trip cost for both Haiti and the DR is $775 per person, plus airfare and supplies*. There is a non-refundable, non-transferable, deposit of $175 that is due upon applying. If this deposit is not received within TEN DAYS after application is completed, the deposit will then go up to $200 and late fee will not be applied toward the balance. The cost of this one week trip with    A Door to Hope in either Haiti or the DR covers your food, lodging, trip insurance and transportation during the week BUT DOES NOT COVER AIRFARE OR DAY OF TRAVEL MEALS.  Airfare is to be paid separately through Safe Harbors.


For safety and logistics purposes, ALL TEAM MEMBERS must book their travel through Janell at Safe Harbors, 1.800.344.5656 EXT. 6123 Available 8am-5pm EST. This will assure that all members arrive together.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made without prior approval from A Door to Hope staff.  Please contact the office if you have any questions about this policy.

The application deadline is 45 days prior to departure.  A Door to Hope reserves the right to cancel any team trip date up to 60 days prior to departure. A minimum number of team members is required to be a valid travel team. 



Select 2021 Trip Dates

Dominican Republic Mission Trip July 24 - 31, 2021