Brent Gambrell :: Update #2

For over a decade now I have been in love with the country of Haiti. I've been amazed at its beauty, blown away by the grace of it's people and, at times, overwhelmed by the many tragic problems in the country. That's why I'm so excited that a door to hope is now launching a three-part strategy to address some of these needs. As you read on you'll find articles about "The Key", a program supporting schools; "A Block of Hope," a program providing homes for the displaced; and "The Foundation,” a program undergirding churches, which, I believe, was the first and primary calling of our ministry to Haiti

Churches in Haiti are alive and active in both discipleship and evangelism, but, in almost every case, they lack the resources that many of American churches take for granted. Most churches in Haiti can only afford a few curriculum books for their leaders every year and so people must sit and listen as someone reads to them. Almost all pastors in Haiti must have a form of income other than the church, because the church cannot support the pastor financially. This means the pastor has very little time to study or to minister to his people. Because of the poverty of Haiti’s people, churches go without repair and with no equipment or resources to reach the community.

"The Foundation" program partners with local Haitian churches and pastors subsidizing church budgets and purchasing equipment and discipleship materials. Our goal is to support pastors and church leaders with materials and training so they can minister more effectively. In the coming weeks, you'll be receiving information on how you, your church, or Sunday school class can support our efforts. Partnering together with our brothers and sisters in Haiti, we believe we can see revival on the horizon in this beautiful place.