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A Door To Hope

Our Team

Brent Gambrell


Author :: Pastor :: Humorist :: Missionary :: Coffee Connoisseur :: Grand Puba

Brent Gambrell is the President of Brent Gambrell Ministries, a nonprofit ministry based in Nashville, TN. Since 1990, Brent has been traveling full-time, ministering to students, singles groups, and churches around the world.

At one time, Brent lived a life of self-indulgence. He consumed drugs and alcohol and loved the party scene. His sinful lifestyle made way for him to manage a stripper service that covered the state of Florida. (We’re not talking wallpaper… people were taking off their clothes!) But the wealth and power could not buy Brent happiness. He came to the end of his “self” and turned to Christ, committing his life to serving Jesus.

Brent spent seven years on staff at a local church before traveling with a professional Christian comedy/drama team for many years. Brent is humbled by the opportunities God provides to allow him to speak to thousands of people each year, all around the world. Brent’s passion for Christ and the message of the Gospel intensifies with each passing day on this remarkable journey.

Brent’s life is a testimony of what God can do in a life that is surrendered. It is in our weakness that He is strong. Embracing this truth, Brent travels the country telling people about the transforming truths of the Bible. He believes when people are taught the acceptance of Christ, their identity and freedom in Him, they respond by following Jesus, not simply out of duty but out of pure joy.

His philosophy – People will never change their behavior until they change their minds first.

Kelly Mills

Director of Engagement

Mom :: Disciple :: Boutique Owner :: Cancer Survivor :: & (according to Brent Gambrell) an “All Around Good Egg”

Kelly began her journey with Brent Gambrell Ministries (BGM) in December of 2003, when she volunteered to help her friend, Brent, execute his dream of having a student conference. Thus, Terra Nova was born. What started as an innocent volunteer opportunity then turned into an offer of a job as the Asst. Director of Terra Nova and, eventually, the Director of Terra Nova. Having the lives of so many students changed was just one perk of this ministry.

We began to see God moving and directing us to become more involved in Haiti. So finally, kicking and screaming, I went to Haiti in the summer of 2007 and that is when my life was forever changed.

This country, of which I was so fearful, quickly became the place where my heart was planted. Everything about it was beautiful, heartbreaking, joyful, and unpredictable. This was the place the Lord allowed me to witness His miracles, miracles that I was blind to in my everyday life. THANKFULLY, the Lord removed my blinders and allowed me to not only see the miracles He worked in Haiti, but also to be aware of the miracles He works for us daily.

In 2011, the Lord gave me the opportunity to do Girls Ministry full time at my local church. I stepped away from BGM in April of 2011. But only in the MIRACULOUS way God works, He provided the opportunity for me to come back and work with A Door To Hope in October of 2014 as the Director of Engagement. It was like coming “home.” It was also wonderful to see how God had completely directed and changed the ministry into what it is today, truly a ministry that is A DOOR TO HOPE – hope for Haiti and hope to see people’s lives forever changed though the Gospel.


Ashley Hall

Operations Manager & Salesforce Administrator

Disciple :: Wife :: Momma :: Artist :: VBS Teacher :: Cancer Survivor