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Past Haiti Trip Team Members

What are people saying?

Ephesians 2:10 NIV
For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

God's Word is true. Each of my 15 amazing times to Haiti with Brent and our team I encountered God' promise. The good works God had prepared us to do not only changed the Haitian people's lives but my life as well. God knew exactly what needed to be done and put our willing hearts in the right place at the right time. You too can be a part of what God had prepared in advance.
Cathy Bush
There is nothing like the experience of a week in Haiti. It will open your mind, empty your heart, challenge you physically, draw you closer to Christ, and change the way you look at mission work forever.
Andy Nash
Groups from our church have for years been going with Brent Gambrell on mission trips to Haiti. I myself have made three trips to Haiti. We have seen the Lord do some miraculous things not only in the precious Haitian people…but in the lives of so many in our group. Going to Haiti will change your life, and you will be blessed by the great faith of these wonderful saints of God. The Haitian people are so unselfish when we ask about how we might pray for them…to the person they want you to pray for another family member or friend that has needs. We have much to learn from our neighbors in the poorest country in our hemisphere. Though they have little in material things, they are rich in many other ways. When you go there you might be overwhelmed by the great need, but my experience has been that the Lord provides all that is needed for the people He has brought you to minister to. One final thing…sometimes we “rich” Americans think we are headed down to these poor people so they might be blessed by our presence. However, each time it has been our group that was blessed beyond anything that can be measured. Take the trip and find out if the Lord has a place for your heart in Haiti…even if it is not the place He will draw you to plant your heart, I guarantee He will bless you in a tremendous way. Tony Pierce Pastor
Tony Pierce
The trips we took to Haiti encouraged our Church family to be more involved in local Missions and at a Regional level! The times we spent were life changing, for me, my family and our Church family.
Keith O'Neal
Haiti opened my eyes to this reality: All, really even most people, do not live within the environment of privilege I do. Haiti made me aware of and compassionate for the lack of (both) physical and spiritual nourishment.

Haiti was where I learned that "intentionally" following Jesus is what we're called to. If you're wondering why you're not excited about being saved, the Bible, evangelism, prayer and service, go to Haiti. That's where God showed me it's really as simple as making Him and His kingdom work priority one.

What happens on a mission trip? Well, you go with the purpose of Jesus Christ and His kingdom. And the byproduct of that is living in the faith you long for in the states. Haiti opened my eyes to what happens when we are a Christian on purpose and not secondary to daily life.

Purpose yourself for God.

People respond to Haiti in so many ways. They narf there food down on the flight back or they examine it for a few moments, both in appreciation.

Every believer without a cape but rather with a love for Jesus and a readiness to serve, fits in Haiti. La Saline (or Haiti) is a place of great physical and spiritual need. It is a place where so many suffer and yet the place I long to return.
Steve Camp
My first trip to Haiti took place in 2005. I have since been 6 or 7 times with the last trip being in 2017. I vividly remember that first trip, riding on the bus and experiencing “Total Culture Shock!” As we drove through the crowded streets of Port au Prince, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What in the world has the Lord gotten me into?” I then think back to my last trip in 2017. I remember sitting on the bus as we drove through those very same crowded streets, feeling joyful and commenting to Brent, “My heart is happy in Haiti.” That’s what the Lord got me into - He gave me a heart for Haiti and our Haitian brothers and sisters. They are beautiful, loving people who love the Lord! It is a privilege and blessing to minister to them (as they minister to us).

Every trip is packed with hard work, lots of fun, joyful worship and overflowing blessings.

Does the future hold more trips for me? As they say in Haiti, “Si Bondye vle.” (If God wants.)
Linda Calvert