Chris Ward :: Update #2

Several times over the past few years I have found myself standing in front of a small, dark, and dusty Haitian home, speechless and in disbelief.  I have driven by tent city after tent city, observing the sea of tarps held together with sticks and strings. I have tried my best to imagine what life must be like to live under a dilapidated piece of plastic during hard rains, tropical winds, and constant crime. On January 12, 2010 so many lost what little they had.  My heart, like many of yours, cries out to help these people who have lost so much.

At a door to hope, Our Block of Hope Program does much more than simply building four walls and a roof. We are building shelter, protection, dignity, and new beginnings for individuals and families in desperate need.  As much as we would like to, we cannot step into Haiti and help everyone at once… what we can do is offer HOPE to one family at a time. Block by block HOPE can be built and lives can be changed.

Two years ago I stood in Haiti on the side of a mountain. My mission team was passing concrete blocks from hand-to-hand all the way up the mountain to the site of a new home. It was definitely something that could only be accomplished as we partnered together in the work. In Haiti, there is so much to do.

As we prepare to send out our first of many Block of Hope Campaign Kits, we are excited that during these individual campaigns, many will sponsor a block for $10 and that for every 500 blocks that are sponsored, another home will be built. These kits will be provided for Churches, Youth Groups, Mission Events, and individuals …anyone who wishes to get involved and make a difference.


Would you partner with us now as we help to rebuild Haiti one block at a time? Let’s do this together! Ready to order your Block of Hope Campaign Kit? Give us a call to reserve yours today! 615-331-4600