David Myers :: Update #2

Our office has been buzzing with creative output for the past month! We've been putting our brains and hearts into forming and shaping the advocacy program, our Hope Programs, and our Hope Campaigns and it feels great to start releasing them out into the world.

Our ADVOCACY PROGRAM offers an opportunity for you to become involved, hands-on, with ADTH and it's mission for the people of Haiti! You can help by raising funds, holding fundraisers, using your voice in your community, or other various means of helping deliver hope with us! It's simple to sign-up for, only takes a second, and offers you perks and kickbacks upon your involvement.

Our advocates can choose to be an integral part of the overall mission of A Door to Hope, or they can choose one of our new programs to donate to and be involved with. Our Hope Programs are The Key (working with Haitian schools), The Foundation (supporting the local Haitian church), and The Block (building homes for the people of Haiti).

Advocates can also choose to be involved with one of our Hope Campaigns. These go to benefit one of our Programs directly. For instance, our "The Block of Hope" campaign has our advocates selling LEGO blocks, at $10 a piece, to build a home made of 500 LEGO blocks. Once this house is completed the advocate has raised enough funds to build a home for a Haitian, in turn, making their donation go to directly affect The Block Program. You can choose to be a part of this campaign as a family, a church group, youth group, individual, school, etc.

These are just a few of the awesome things we're rolling out with, and there will be much more to come!

- david