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Fill a Virtual Backpack!

Help underprivileged Haitian children get to school, learn about Jesus, and open possibilities for their future!

With our “Fill a Virtual Backpack” program, you are able to remotely help Haitian children in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic get an education.  An education for these children is the difference between…


Simply "fill" the backpack with all of the different items you would like to donate!

Fill your backpack!

Add Backpack

Provide an empty backpack to fill with school supplies for one student.


Add crayons

Provide one year of crayons for one student.


Add SCHOOL Meals

Provide breakfast and lunch for one student every school day for a year.


Add chalk

Provide one year of chalk for one student.


Add notebooks + paper

Provide one year of notebooks and paper for one student.


Add Pens

Provide one year of pens for one student.


Add elementary calculator

Provide one elementary calculator (4th-6th grade) to one student.


Add advanced calculator

Provide one advanced calculator (7th-12th grade) to one student.


Add ruler

Provide one ruler for one student.


Add pencils

Provide one year of pencils for one student.


Add erasers

Provide one year of erasers for one student.


Add socks

Provide five pairs of socks for one student.


Add shoes

Provide one pair of school uniform shoes for one student.


Add school uniforms

Provide two school uniforms for one student.


Add curriculum workbooks

Provide one year of curriculum workbooks for one student.



Provide one year of teacher’s chalk for one classroom.


Add annual school tuition

Provide one year of tuition for one student to attend a Christian private school. (No public school is provided by the country.)


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