In January 2019 – protests, rioting, roadblocks, car burning and massive civil unrest began to take over the country of Haiti. These protests have been ongoing for almost a year, and have caused the need for FOOD DISTRIBUTIONS to rise exponentially.  

Because of this need… A Door to Hope has worked closely with our employees, friends, school leadership, and leaders in the villages on the ground, in Haiti, to help bring some relief to the rising problem.  The school children, in the Callebasse School, are now being fed thru a National and local mission in Haiti… which allows us to turn our efforts to more RURAL areas of Haiti that don’t have access to the food.  

In January 2020 – A Door to Hope along with Pastor Arnold and the church of La Saline, Fauche distributed food to 200+ FAMILIES in the village of La Saline. This village is far from Port Au Prince (where most get their food supplies), and the land is not good for growing vegetables.   Our GOAL is to distribute food every other month – as long as our resources will allow. The cost to feed this many FAMILIES is $3,000.00.  

With this food distribution – families will receive: RICE, PASTA, BEANS, OIL, TOMATO PASTE, and SARDINES (one of their favorite proteins in Haiti). 

This FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM is ONLY possible because of the generosity and giving of others. IF you would like to help provided food for these families that are in great need… we would love for you to become a Food Distribution Sponsor.