Lisa Gillespie :: Update #2

Greetings!  My name is Lisa Gillespie and I am the newest addition to the staff here at BGM- a door to hope. Having been a founding member of Images Creative Group, the springboard for BGM and A Door to Hope, I am beyond excited to once again be working with Brent and the rest of the ministry team.

I like to think of my adventure here with the ministry as a “Belly Flop of Faith.”  Some people may dip a toe in the waters of faith, but if I’m going to do something…I like to go all out.  So, Belly Flop it is.  Having spent the past 14 years as a high school teacher, I felt the Lord calling me to leave that position.  I was terrified but even though I was not certain of what I would be doing, I knew that our Lord was and after a year of cobbling together a livelihood…here I am.  It is so fulfilling to me to be a part of a ministry where I feel I matter and where I can make a difference for the Lord in our world.   I have known Brent for a long time and I know his heart and the heart of the ministry.  What is the most exciting to me is that all those years ago when we started Images Creative Group, God knew then that we would be working together again today, in this time frame.  What a mighty God we serve!

Lisa received her BFA in Performance Theater from the University of Mississippi where she was also an active and award-winning member of the Ole Miss Forensics team (Speech and Interp events, not CSI stuff).  She has spent the past 14 years teaching high school in Nashville and is excited about starting a new venture.  For the past three years, she has also had the opportunity to script, direct and produce the Drama Team for the North Carolina Baptist Convention’s summer youth camp program in Fort Caswell, North Carolina – BeDoTell!  Lisa enjoys coffee, a Route 44 Coke Zero with regular cherry syrup, and performing in musicals and plays. Her pageant platform is the eradication of plaque, wax build up and annoying static cling.