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Meet our Newest Partner, Moises Sifren

I want you to meet our new and dear friend Moises Sifren. He is a missionary that we are partnering with in the Dominican Republic. We want to share some of his incredible story...

Moises was born on January 10, 1969, in the city of La Romana, but before this, he used to live in a Batey (which is a company town consisting of barracks and a few houses - very poor compared to town). He is the second of 10 siblings, 1 male of 10 siblings. When he was a child he studied but also worked with his father selling sweets, shining shoes, carrying lunches to the sugar cane factory, and in all that was a decent and honest worker. At age 14, his mother died of preeclampsia in the delivery of her last baby. That forced him to take care of his siblings and permanently help his father.At the age of 21, he graduated from high school and immediately entered the O&M University in 1991, majoring in engineering in Computer programming. In college he excelled in his area, becoming a monitor at the university to pay for the education. In 1992, while still studying, he began to work in a factory in the city of La Romana, where he worked in the payroll department, after 2 years he was promoted to manager… and, from there he began running the Maranatha Ministry and then became administration for the Hospital. Moises has dedicated his life to helping all those that live in the Batey's - to help provide them with healthcare, food, education and access to the Gospel. He is such an incredible man and we are HONORED to call him our friend. The biggest question we have is… WHEN DOES THIS MAN SLEEP? 😉 We are BEYOND EXCITED to begin our work in the Dominican Republic with this man and this ministry. Please join us in praying for the work to be done with the Haitian communities in the Batey's and for the team that will be serving with us. There are still a few spots left - if you would like to join us on this journey!