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Merry Christmas!

I, like many of you, am a Christmas nut! My Christmas decorating and music started before Thanksgiving,
(but after Halloween!) I just want to get into this spirit of joy, love, and giving as soon as possible every
year! The last two years have been tough ones for many of us, but few have had it more difficult than our
Haitian friends. With the exodus of many long-serving American aid organizations, the instability of the
government, and consequent food and fuel shortages, the suffering and anxiety of the people is unlike
anything I have seen in my years of service on this island.

But amid a world going crazy I must tell you I’ve also been very excited to see what God is doing in and
through A Door To Hope and our Haitian brothers and sisters. So many people are turning to the Lord right
now! The Church is busting at the seams, people are being saved and discipled and hundreds of families are
receiving food each month! I’m happy to report that none of our programs have been hindered in anyway
during the pandemic.

I am sending you this letter because you have been part of this important calling God has on our lives at
ADTH. I want to say Thank You for what you have done… and of course, (you knew this was coming) to ask
you to pray and consider giving a gift or increasing your gift this year to our ministry. We take every gift with
gratitude and pledge to you that every dime will be spent with integrity for the Kingdom of God and
spreading the Gospel.

You can give a gift of any size the following ways:
Send a check payable to:
A Door To Hope PO Box 24347, Nashville, TN 37202

Or go to and click on the donate button.

Please follow us on Facebook so you can see weekly reports of our good work with the Haitian people.
Our prayer is that you truly find the Joy of Christmas this year and that it sustains you throughout the New

May God bless you,
Brent Gambrell
Brent Gambrell,
President, A Door To Hope