Misty Sena :: Update #2

I remember the first time I went to Haiti nine years ago. I was overwhelmed by such a strange dynamic of emotions that included grief, excitement, fear, concern and even encouragement. I grieved over the exhausting state of poverty, but I was encouraged by the resilience and motivation that lived beneath the surface of the culture. Haiti breathes a beautiful desire for change. They just lack the resources and opportunity to make it a reality. Ten years ago my sister and I began sponsoring a child in Haiti. We knew in doing this that she would receive an education and she was guaranteed at least one meal a day. As we built a relationship with her, the reality of her future weighed heavy on our hearts. We knew that a part from Jesus the one thing that was going to pave the way would be education.

In Haiti, thirty eight percent of the population is unable to read or write and only fifty percent of children even get the chance to go to school. As we dream at a door to hope about partnering with villages in Haiti and assisting in bringing sustainability to communities, we know that education is of the upmost importance. Haiti needs educated civilians. Haiti needs doctors. Haiti needs nurses. Haiti needs teachers and Haiti needs entrepreneurs and business owners. This is what will change the economy and the state of the country. Without education, this is not possible. Right now in Haiti there are many schools that do not have enough funding to properly pay educated teachers, provide food for students, provide resources for education or provide a facility that is safe for children to learn.

We are excited that we get to tell you about “The Key” program that has been developed through a door to hope to help bring education to villages, starting with one school at a time. “The Key” is a class sponsorship program that helps in subsidizing teacher’s salaries, provides school supplies and curriculum, provides a hot meal for each student, provides further education for teachers by hosting teacher’s conferences, and helps to fund repair and restore needs for school buildings including desks and chalk boards. Our HOPE is that we would start with this one school, but that “The Key” program would grow out of control and would help to provide education across Haiti as we believe education is “The Key” to hope.

You can be a part of this dream and make education a reality for children in Haiti by joining others in sponsoring a class at the school in Calabasse. This co-sponsorship will only be $20 a month and you will contribute to all the needs listed above. For most of us, this is a minimal cost on a monthly basis to provide a future for not only children, but for teachers who are educating these students. Be on the lookout, as this program with all the details will be launching in the weeks to come! Thank you for loving Haiti with us!