We Lay Our Crowns at the Feet of Jesus…

Chase Collins is an advocate with A Door to Hope and has recently signed up for the Block of Hope campaign to raise funds for a home in Haiti. As he presented his heart to his church, one woman made it her mission to deliver the funds for the home to Chase. Here's the letter that Chase has sent to us, as he describes this amazing story of a woman who changed lives of a family in Haiti!


Dear Brent and Team,

   I recently spoke to some of you about a young lady in our church who was diagnosed with cancer and was only given a year to live. After I made a presentation at the church on The Block of Hope program, Jenny Morin had her husband Mike contact me about donating to the project. What I did not know at the time is that Jenny wanted to fully fund the price of building a homstorye.

 I know you probably get donations all the time for amounts larger than $5,000.00, but I can assure you this is a very special donation. The Morin family is not a wealthy family. It just so happens that Jenny, only a few days ago, sold her mother's house. Jenny's mom passed away about a year ago and left Jenny her home. It was Jenny's direction to her husband Mike to make sure I received the $5,000.00 from the sale of this home, even if she had already passed away. He promised that he would see her wish fulfilled. Jenny had hoped to have sold the house sooner and made a donation for a house and for me to return with pictures for her of the house and the family in Haiti that wold be blessed by the new home.

 My heart is heavy as I report to you that Jenny went to be with the Lord on December 21, 2013. The day after her death Mike was at church. He came over to me and handed me the enclosed check for $5,000.00. He fulfilled her wish, even though he is uncertain of the medical bills he may face as a result of the chemo treatments and other medical care she received over the last few months.

 Although Jenny did no get to see pictures of the finished home or the family her donation will bless, I am sure she is watching from above….