What Our Teams Will Be Doing…March Edition

Grand Goave Trip March 8-15, 2014

The Team Will Be:
1.Building a temporary shelter for widow who lost her home...this will help until The Block of Hope Program begins in June.
2. Adding Mosquito screens  to Christianville School.
3. Replacing the roof on Medical Clinic that Nurse Jenny uses for ministry.
4. Repairing and replacing wiring and plumbing  @ the Bungalows.
5. Hosting a Backyard Bible Club for the children from Grand Goave Village.
6. Leading Hygiene Training and Basic Medical Screening in Grand Goave.
7. Making preparations for the Block of Hope Program to begin in June.
8. Prayer walking in Grand Goave Village.

Calebasse Trip March 15-22, 2014

The Team Will Be:

1. Offering a Rice Feeding for the Village of Calebasse to help offset a extreme drought in the area.
2. Building a home for a family in need.
3. Constructing a roof for the home of one of the teacher's at the school in Calebasse.
4. Building bunk beds to be added to homes that we have recently built in Calebasse.
5. Preparing and Painting the entire Kenscoff school.
6. Painting bathrooms at the Orphanage in Godet Village.
7. Cleaning and sanitizing the Orphanage at the Bethel Guest House
8. Prayerwalking in both villages of Calebasse and Kenscoff.
9. Introducing and Implementing the training and use of a newly donated concrete mixer for the village of Calebasse.