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a girl, a camera, an advocate…

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There are few who come to Haiti with a door to hope that leave without a sense of humility, laced with a severe pain to end the desolation and hurt found on it's soil. There are some who will leave Haiti with a passion to come back soon, hooking into lasting friendships and pursuing an active roll in it's change. Then, there are some people who will leave so profoundly moved that it's become their very nature to give of their talents, time, and lives to see poverty, sickness, and death come to an end.

teganTegan Edwards is one of the latter. Tegan is a college student who's traveled to Haiti, been affected by it's people, and now lives to see change; to spread hope! Tegan is a talented photographer who sells her photos to acquire money to build houses for families in Haiti. Not only does she raise the money, that's not where her passion ends, she puts her hands to use by joining us on trips to Haiti to actually build the homes.

Tegan is now raising money for her FOURTH home being built in Haiti. That's a total of close to $15,000.00. She's placed three families in homes, and provided a lifetime of admiration and friendship from some very grateful Haitian people.

What an amazing story from a woman whose passion runs deep. To check out her photography, CLICK HERE.

Our sincerest admiration and thanks goes to all of our advocates doing what they can to bring hope to Haiti. If you'd like to submit your story please email us HERE.

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