Brent Gambrell :: Update #1

Whew!   What a summer! Though it seemed to go by as fast and furious as a "Sharknado", it has been a surprisingly refreshing and reviving season for me and our amazing staff. From the middle of May until now God has had me on the move - through five states and with many of our amazing teams in Haiti.

Thinking back on the past few months I am so encouraged with the movement of God I've been privileged to see, especially among college and high school students.

This season I watched as hundreds of students from Cru/High School (formerly known as Campus Crusade) ministered and witnessed along South Carolina shores. I experienced awesome worship and had life-changing moments in the word of God with students in Texas and Ohio and I saw young people play with inner-city kids on the streets of North Carolina.

And, As always, I was totally impressed with the unbelievable servant spirit I saw in our teams at our many ministry projects in Haiti. Like I said…Whew!

Someone asked me the other day if I was tired after such a busy summer. I said "Yes, of course, but it's a ‘good tired’... like after a workout." (If I remember what that feels like! :-)) Like I said, I'm surprisingly refreshed and encouraged. I think it's because I have a new "gut feeling" that God is just getting started with me and BGM/A Door to Hope.

It's crazy I know... I have been at this for a while now. Call it a "second wind" or a "reset button". Whatever...

But I am soooooo pumped about the future as we work for His kingdom!  How about you?  Come join us...if you can keep up! 🙂