David Myers :: Update #1

To find yourself in a constant back/forth motion, trying to find your passion in life, can truly drive a person insane! You can't sit still, but you know that if you move it will feel like "giving up" on a former love. So, most of the time, we'll melancholically sit in our lack of commitment and wonder if the stars will align just right so that God can reveal a place where we park our hearts.

I found myself taking a position with this company, knowing what a door to hope and BGM was about, what they stood for. I also knew what this job would mean, as you have to be passionate about the mission or it all fails. I, also, quickly found myself in Haiti, after only working here for a month and a half. On this trip, Brent had said something that would forever change me. He said, "Park your hearts where your passion is".

After meeting the people, seeing the need, making friendships, I KNEW that my passion was for the restoration and salvation of my Haitian friends! I will continue to love this mission, and until Christ comes, it will be my privilege to work towards the reparation of the Haitian people.

Where has God parked YOUR heart?