Misty Sena :: Update #1

It is hard to believe that the summer has come and gone and that we stand here in the month of August trying to process all that God has done in and through this ministry so far this year. We are overwhelmed at the wonders we have seen and the work that He has allowed us to be a part of.

The family of BGM- a door to hope has grown from two to four in just a few short months, as we have added our new Director of Missions, Chris Ward and our Marketing/ Booking and Social Media Manager, David Myers. We have also seen Father give the beautiful gift of new life to our family in the births of our twins Jonah and Asher and little Oliver Myers to David and Elaine. As we celebrate new births, we also rejoice in the “new life” that God has given to our new brothers and sisters within the country of Haiti and here in the United States seen through our Haiti teams and the events that Brent has been a part of.

As Father continues to advance the work of His kingdom through a door to hope, we are also excited to share with you the three new “hope Programs” that are the focus of our work within the country of Haiti. These programs will bring discipleship, education, homes and sustainability to the communities in Haiti of which we work. Check them out on our website and join us in 2014 as we bring this work to Haiti.

We are more than honored to walk in this journey with Jesus as He writes His story by using the hands and feet of this ministry. Thank you for being a part of this family and joining His work through BGM- a door to hope. – Misty Sena